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Articles relating to Crucian carp

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Merrygold Crucians Jason Inskip

Jason gets excited about some of these chubby little blighters!

Coarse Fishery Review: Trilakes Fishery, Berkshire. Bill Rushmer

Bill reviews a popular day ticket fishery which is handy for Londoners

Sandy Balls : Holiday and fishery review Bill Rushmer

Bill checks out the new angling holiday resort destined to turn a few heads.

Spot on - DR PAUL GARNER Dr Paul Garner

How to get your casting really accurate.

In the balance pt 2 - DR PAUL GARNER Dr Paul Garner

The second part of the Doc's leger lecture

How to fish the waggler Bill Rushmer

Bill tells all the tricks...

Holiday Review - Warren Park Farm, Alderholt Bill Rushmer

On the edge of the New Forest Bill finds a little gem

The big chill - DR PAUL GARNER Dr Paul Garner

Weather tips from the Doc

Coarse fishery Review: Willitoft Fish Farm, E. Yorks. Bill Rushmer

Bill checks out the hospitality of Yorkshire

Fishery Review: R.M.C. Angling Yately Summer Pit Bill Rushmer

A water for big crucian

Sensitive Set-Ups - JOHN YOUNG John Young

Presentation counts!

Centrepin Fishing Part 2 - JOHN YOUNG John Young

Pins on the lakes

Critical Crucians Bill Rushmer

Those hard to hit biters

Coarse Fishery Review Lakeside Caravan Park and Coarse Fishery, Bill Rushmer

Another venue for the caravan owner

Coarse Fishery Review - Bury Hill Bill Rushmer

A venue close to London

Carping for Gentlemen John Olliff-Cooper


Fishing for crucian carp Graham Marsden

How to do it. ..sort of!

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