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Articles relating to Lure/Plug/Spoon/Spinner/Jig/Pi

An American Adventure Part 2 Martin James

Off now to North America for some saltwater flyfishing

Popping the Darkness? Russ Symons

Russ goes treading the sands at pre-light with a lure rod.

The Ultimate fishing Adventure! Jon Greenwood

Join Steve Crowther and Ultimate Angling for the Salmon and Trout experience of a lifetime!

SEAWEEK: Spinning Rig - RUSS SYMONS Russ Symons

How to add distance to your lure casting

Lots Of Sun and Pulled Strings in the Emirates Martin James

Globe trotting fly-fisher Martin James visits the Arabian Gulf and finds a lot to recommend it

SEAWEEK: Autumn Tactics Russ Symons

Shads and pirk time

Monster Pike - In Jig Time Eric Edwards

Two pike for a total of 79lb in one day? It happened to Eric!

Fishing Frontiers Part 2. Russ Symons

Russ chases sailfish and trevally off the southern tip of Africa

SEAWEEK: Mini lures for Maxi fish - Russ Symons

Lure colour discrimination counts

Join the Twitchers Russ Symons

Shoot bass with a bullet!

SEAWEEK: Trolling? - RUSS SYMONS Russ Symons

It works

Walking on Water Matthew Spence

Bass aluring.

SEAWEEK: Plugging for beginners - RUSS SYMONS Russ Symons

Great fun and a good way to catch fish!

Fly Fishing With Martin James Martin James

Florida and Fylde

Summertime Wreckfishing. Russ Symons

Get Wrecked!

Me and my Big-mouth. Geoff Maynard

Bass- the US target fish

SEAWEEK: Squiddy Skirt - RUSS SYMONS Russ Symons

Enhance your squid bait

SEAWEEK: Rusty hooks - RUSS SYMONS Russ Symons

Keep lure hooks in tip top condition

Lures and Allures : Putting it all together Geoff Maynard

All rise!

Seychelles 3 Lightning Bolts and Black Bruisers John Olliff-Cooper

The islands of dreams

Like Fishing in a Fan Oven: Nile Perch Steven Mills

The monsters of Lake Nasser

I'm Walking Backwards for Christmas Eric Edwards

A novel approach to canal piking

SEAWEEK: Boomer bass - RUSS SYMONS Russell Symons

How to catch 'em

SEAWEEK: Plugging away - RUSS SYMONS Russ Symons

"When" is as important as 'where'.

Eddystone Eels Russ Symons

This was the dream day that we had waited for throughout the wet and storm-tossed winter months.

SS Hooks. Time for a change. Geoff Maynard


The Changing Face of Pike Fishing Eric Edwards

The new venues for the whoppers

D.I.Y. Spinners Andy Mann

Make your own

SEAWEEK: Just a short Skirt - RUSS SYMONS Russ Symons

Improve your pirk with a bit of skirt

Spanish Black Bass John Bailey

Find out why the Americans love 'em

Doing the Derg - DAVE THOMAS Dave Thomas

The Walton PAC journey to Eire

SEAWEEK: Plug Trebles - RUSS SYMONS Russell Symons

Caring for lures

American Adventures - Part three Geoff Maynard

Chasing Musky

Testing Tackle on Fenland Pike Geoff Maynard

New products get a checking over in a real-fishing situation

Better Piking Part IV Lure Fishing Mark Ackerley

The popularity of lure fishing for pike just seems to grow and grow!

Asp John Bailey John Bailey

Not the snake!

Knots and Wrinkles Roddy Hays

Roddy passes on some hints and tips

Tackle Busters Martin Gay

Nile perch!

Amur Pike John Bailey

Mongolian predators

SEAWEEK: Taking a Spin - RUSS SYMONS Russ Symons

Old methods are coming back into fashion.

Better Piking Part II - Pike Tackle Mark Ackerley

Pike tackle, what to choose and where to get it.

More Than Meets The Eye Martin Gay

Nile Perch - plan the trip well. Here's how.

SEAWEEK: Muppet Rig - RUSS SYMONS Russell Symons

How to fish muppets for cod

SEAWEEK: Autumn Spin - RUSS SYMONS Russ Symons

As Autumn shades begin to colour leaves on the trees many anglers put their spinning gear away for the year in favour of their beach rods and heavy leads.

The Cod are coming!! Russ Symons

How to catch the autumn Cod from the offshore wrecks

Catch a Silver Bullet Henry Gilbey


Mahseer Fishing in the Himalayas John Bailey

The Golden monsters of India's North

Expedition Nile Perch Ady Brayshaw

African hotspots, in more ways than one

Better Boat Fishing Part 5 Eric Edwards

Drifting and Trolling

All Spain Can Offer John Bailey

There's a lot on offer

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