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Articles relating to River/Canal

EA Close Season report Guest Contributor

Keeping the coarse fish close season on rivers?

Ebro Valley Angling, Guest Contributor

Knowledgeable, Professional Guided Fishing on Europeís Premier Coarse River.

A Winter Barbel Fishing Trip Martin James

Retire to the riverbank

131lb Catfish - Ian's 1/2 term PB Ian Wakeford

131lb Catfish. B-i-g pussy!

Go Chase The Pike With A Fly. Part 2 Martin James

part 2

Salmon fishing with Scierra on the Orkla River, Norway Georgina Lomasney

Georgina tells the tale

Be prepared for change Martin James

Martin learns a lesson

It's been a great few days! Martin James

Martin's luck has changed for the better

Death on the River Georgina Lomasney

Pollution hits top Danish river

Flyfishing on the Lancs rivers. Martin James

The trout fishing improves with extra water in the river

A few more tough days on the rivers Martin James

More rubbish and a few trout!

Drowning Dries on the Dee Chris Goldsmith

Chris finds that fishing a sunken dry-fly can really produce the goods!

Cold Spring Weather - No Good For Trouting Martin James

Sometimes, when the fishing's not worth the effort, it's worth clearing away the rubbish from last winters floods.

Winter diary - Feb 2002 Alan Tomkins

Ooops - here's one I prepared earlier!

Winter Diary 2002 - End of Season Alan Tomkins

At last - some roach.

Action stations! Dr Paul Garner

Sharpen up the float skills with Dr Paul's diagnosis

Fly Fishing with Martin James Martin James

It's Great Being Back On Our Rivers!

Choosing a Split-Cane Barbel Rod John Olliff-Cooper

JOC considers the traditional tools for the job.

Chris's Angling Year - Winter Travels Chris Plumb

When it all slots neatly together...

Patrol routes II Dr Paul Garner

Find the patrol routes to unlock better catches.

Patrol routes Dr Paul Garner

Exactly when fish move is important!

March Started On A High Note - MARTIN JAMES Martin James

The score of big chub keeps rising

Spring barbel - DR PAUL GARNER Dr Paul Garner

End of season can bring the big barbel out.

It's Been A mixed Few Days Martin James

Swedish Lapland for ice fishing and some UK winter chubbing

You Never Know What Will Happen - MARTIN JAMES Martin James

The chub hunt continues on the river Bain..

Carpers Diary 04/03/02– JOHN YOUNG John Young

There's still a chance of a 30lb croc, so it's back to the river..

Man-made monsters - DR PAUL GARNER Dr Paul Garner

Featureless drains can turn up good fish

The EA electro-fishing survey of the River Thames Bill Rushmer

Bill gets a few surprises on the EA Thames electro-fish session.

The Real River Piker Wayne Littley

Wayne fishes for fast river snappers - here's how he does it…

How to use a centre pin Bill Rushmer

Bill tells how

The Ultimate fishing Adventure! Jon Greenwood

Join Steve Crowther and Ultimate Angling for the Salmon and Trout experience of a lifetime!

Freezing Day – Hot Lady John Olliff-Cooper

The title gives it away. Everyone knows that the Grayling is called The Lady Of the Stream.

It's back on our rivers for the Brown Trout Martin James

Lighten up your tackle for the river sport and clean up the banks.

Fighting Goliath Peter Holdsworth

Enter the warzone for Goliath Tiger Fish!

New swims and more learning - MARTIN JAMES Martin James

When chubbing, you are never too old to learn..

Carpers Diary 25/02/02 – JOHN YOUNG John Young

With big pike up for grabs, John and Gary head for the river

Why Not Try The River Aire - MARTIN JAMES Martin James

How and where to fish on the River Aire

A little winter warmer - DR PAUL GARNER Dr Paul Garner

Big silver dace

Carpers Diary 18/02/02 – JOHN YOUNG John Young

Looking for a 30lb Thames pike and awaiting a break in the cold snap for a carp trip, John and Gary find a pike hot-spot.

Carpers Diary 18/02/02 – JOHN YOUNG John Young

Looking for a 30lb Thames pike and awaiting a break in the cold snap for a carp trip, John and Gary find a pike hot-spot.

Winter Diary Alan Tomkins

Better late than never!

Carpers Diary 11/02/02 – JOHN YOUNG John Young

Back to the Summer venue for the carp and an encounter with a Thames pike

Gale Force Winds Didn't Stop Fishing - MARTIN JAMES Martin James

The chub hunt continues...

Ten Minutes Of Sheer Bliss - MARTIN JAMES Martin James

Martins winter chub diary continues

Carpers Diary 4/02/02 - JOHN YOUNG John Young

John gets into some decent doubles, both carp and pike

Lapland Fishing Festival and Lapland World Cup Fishing Martin James

Fish with the stars in Lapland

The Grayling Club Geoff Maynard

Grayling and angling clubs - then and now

Ballooning for pike Bill Rushmer

How to use balloons to present baits at long range and tips on unhooking pike.

Tackle review: Greys of Alnwick Bewick centrepin reel Keith Reeder

Here is a VERY comprehensive review on the latest horse from the Hardy/Greys stables; the Bewick Centre-pin reel. Our reviewer Mr Keith Reeder loves it… but with a few small reservations.

Why Not Try The River Aire ? - MARTIN JAMES Martin James

How and where to fish on the River Aire

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