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Articles relating to Traditional

The Christmas ghost(carp) story Rod Henton

I read recently that nature is cruel and unjust; I thought I’d put the record straight, nature just exists.

The Acquired Arte of Worme Getteing maurice pledger

Fishing for worms

The Coarse Angler’s McNab Jason Inskip


The Essential Anglers’ Hat John Olliff-Cooper

Get a head then read on...

Nearly There - and some disgraceful elitist rantings John Olliff-Cooper

‘Sir’ John raises some hackles and risks a punch in der maurf from the aliens who surround him.

Minstrel’s Summer Jason Inskip

Jason looks at baits - naturally

Winter diary - Feb 2002 Alan Tomkins

Ooops - here's one I prepared earlier!

Choosing a Split-Cane Barbel Rod John Olliff-Cooper

JOC considers the traditional tools for the job.

Merrygold Crucians Jason Inskip

Jason gets excited about some of these chubby little blighters!

Chris's Angling Year - Winter Travels Chris Plumb

When it all slots neatly together...

How to use a centre pin Bill Rushmer

Bill tells how

Freezing Day – Hot Lady John Olliff-Cooper

The title gives it away. Everyone knows that the Grayling is called The Lady Of the Stream.

Gale Force Winds Didn't Stop Fishing - MARTIN JAMES Martin James

The chub hunt continues...

The day I packed up early - Kerry Jordan Kerry Jordan

Kerry Jordan tells of his fishing - from tranquil days to traumatic times

The Grayling Club Geoff Maynard

Grayling and angling clubs - then and now

Tackle review: Greys of Alnwick Bewick centrepin reel Keith Reeder

Here is a VERY comprehensive review on the latest horse from the Hardy/Greys stables; the Bewick Centre-pin reel. Our reviewer Mr Keith Reeder loves it… but with a few small reservations.

SEAWEEK: Spinning Rig - RUSS SYMONS Russ Symons

How to add distance to your lure casting

Grayling on the feeder - DR PAUL GARNER Dr Paul Garner

Dr Paul explains why trotting for grayling (my favourite method) is not necessarily the best way of fishing for them. Damn him!

A Fundamental Change For Fly Rodders John Olliff-Cooper

The man is loopy. Or speaks a lot of common sense. Make your own mind up after reading John Olliff-Cooper's latest theories on double-handed fly-rods.

How to make and fish the swan necked balsa Bill Rushmer

This float is Bill's first choice on many rivers. Here's why.

Psst. I’m Gonna Tell You A Secret John Olliff-Cooper

There's a very special centre-pin reel just coming out. JOC lets us in on why it is so special

Chris's Angling Year - Nothing New? Chris Plumb

Chris gets a little 'Filosofical' about his latest captures

The Ultimate Throw-Away Line John Olliff-Cooper

Don't discard this... JOC looks at silken threads

Cheeky Chappies & Friends John Olliff-Cooper

Who? Crucians of course!

Swedish Lapland - It's Great Fly Fishing! Martin James

Martin James goes globe trotting again, with a fly-rod of course!

Mullet break at Bude Bill Rushmer

Have a day by the sea for a grey ghost

Make and use the wire stem stick float Bill Rushmer

How to...

A Stream of Fish John Olliff-Cooper

The traditional approach

Chris's Angling Year: A boy's first carp Chris Plumb

Boys - now and then

The Kiss(or Keep-it-simple, stupid) principle. Russ Symons

Who needs complications?

Wallis Casting: In the Steps of FWK (part 2) John Olliff-Cooper

How to sling yer 'ook with a pin

Chris's Angling Year - Flavour of the Month Chris Plumb


Sensitive Set-Ups - JOHN YOUNG John Young

Presentation counts!

Centrepin Fishing Part 2 - JOHN YOUNG John Young

Pins on the lakes

Centrepin Fishing – Part 1 - JOHN YOUNG John Young

Centrepin uses

In the Steps of FWK. John Olliff-Cooper

The Wallis cast

Mayfly Months Lesley Crawford

All you need to know about the mayfly

In the zone - DR PAUL GARNER Dr Paul Garner

Zen and the art of angling

Border Grayling, or life before F and M Richard Bartlett

Richard heads for the ladies

Chris's Kennet Diary: April - The Best Things in Life are Free ? Chris Plumb

Foot and mouth hits Chris' fishing

A Big Bream from a Little River - MARTIN JAMES Martin James

The tiny river Bain can throw up monsters sometimes - Martin managed one recently

Chris's Kennet Diary: Avon Excursion Chris Plumb

A trip to the Avon

Return to the 1950's; that's the Isle Estate - MARTIN JAMES Martin James

"All too soon I was pulling into the car park with just one other vehicle, an old Morris 1000 traveller. I pinched myself to make sure it wasn't all a dream. "

The Lucky Strike John Olliff-Cooper

JOC looks at an old Lucky Strike rod

Kennet Diary - February Grayling Days (or The Day I became a Tackle Tart!) Chris Plumb

Chasing the Ladies

Some Winter Chubbing Thoughts - MARTIN JAMES Martin James

Bread fishing for chub

Keep It Simple For Winter Chub - MARTIN JAMES Martin James

How to catch them

Coarse Venue: River Thames pt 3: Sunbury on Thames Bill Rushmer

Bill's local fishery

The Felton Family Seduction John Olliff-Cooper

JOC dives into the traditional tackle again

Chris's Kennet Diary - Christmas Past, Christmas Present Chris Plumb


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