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Norwegian Flyfishers Club

Norwegian Flyfishers Club
Robert-Blum-Str. 5 b
D-22453 Hamburg

Tel: ++49-40-589 23 02
Fax: ++49-40-589 23 04


Norway has always conjured up special and precious images. Mountain
panoramas, fastflowing crystalline rivers, very large leaping silver

Norway has always conjured up special and precious images. Mountain
panoramas, fastflowing crystalline rivers, very large leaping silver
These are the scenarios that have earned Norway its reputation as the
world’s premier sanctuary for the elusive Atlantic salmon. The intensive
Norwegian summer is a very pleasant experience; one can enjoy the midnight
sun, whilst fishing for large salmon. Norway’s best salmon fishing is to
be had during the nicest weather periods of the year.

The top ten rivers in Norway are still taking 8-30 tons of salmon to the
rod per season. One of these rivers, the Gaula differs from the majority of
Norwegian rivers, in that the majority of the best waters fishes very well
to the fly. The Norwegian Flyfishers Club also offers water at the
beautiful Forra River. The Norwegian Flyfishers Club manages privately leases on the
best beats with classic fly water on these rivers and restricts all to
flyfishing only, which is becoming something of a speciality in Norway’s
heavily "spun" and harled waters.

A few decades ago the British discoverers had to use steamers and coaches,
sometimes travelling for weeks before arriving at their sporting
destinations! Nowadays it is an easy 2 hour flight to and a 15 minute
drive from the Trondheim airport to the Forra, and about one hour 15 minute
drive to the Gaula, into another world. It is a beautiful, but wild landscape
with fascinating fly only beats run by the NFC. It is water that was
leased more than a century ago by Sir Henry Pottinger as well as the Dutchess of
Marlborough. The NFC now invites international flyfishermen to fish fly
only at reasonable prices.

In both the Gaula and Forra, fish of 20 to 25pounds are the most common,
30 & 40 pounders are taken each year, as well as a few of over 45 pounds;
every cast offers the chance to take the "fish of a lifetime". The Norwegian
record seatrout came from one of the clubs pools on the Forra River and
weighed in at 31 lbs 15oz.

The fishing at the Gaula is made up of approximately ten kilometers which
breaks down to nine beats that are fished on a rotational basis. Due to
the nature and variation of the pools there are several that fish well in all
heights of water and some superb high-as well as low- water pools. Fishing
at the Forra is reglemented to a maximum of four rods on the NFC-water,
which means than two pools per fisherman.

The Club has organised an extremely competent team of guides. All are
accomplished flyfishermen and speak English. The NFC accomodates its
guests either in the comfortable local hotels or in the Clubs Country Houses
(Self Catering). Hire cars and hire tackle are available.

Click here for MORE about the
salmon and the NFC beat on the Gaula river

Holidays in Norway,

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