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Topic: Spinning For Trout Please Help
  Spinning For Trout Please Help - John Binns - Monday 21st February, 2005 10:59pm
  I want to start fishing again, which I havenít done since I was 16 (Iím now 30). I am interested in spinning mainly for trout (initially on reservoir, eventually rivers) can any one help me with the following questions: 1. Do I need a lure trace? 2. Can anyone recommend any good books on spinning? 3. I have a 2.10m Shakespeare rod (2-10g) is this ok? 4. My old Shakespeare reel needs fixing, who will do this? 5. What capacity line should I use? Any help would be much appreciated. John
  No Title - Alex Shore - Tuesday 22nd February, 2005 04:10pm
  A 2.1m rod should suffice on the rivers (small) and will if loaded right be okayish for the reseviors, myslef I'd use a 9ft (3m) rod min, with a fixed spool reel loaded with 6lb line, a braid trace as trout don't have the abrasive teeth that pike do, of about 8lb, with a 10g lure, depending upon the resevior fished, aks the local's they'l be able to helop you, Is it fishing from a boat or bank? if boatthen your rod should be akay fora while, lol.
  Spinning For Trout Cont. - John Binns - Wednesday 23rd February, 2005 10:33pm
  Thanks for the reply. I live in Manchester but will be initially be fishing in Northumberland (as my girlfriend lives near Durham). I've looked into it and no reservoirs allow spinning for trout anyway in this area so probably will be river fishing. Anyone know of any good trout fishing (that allows spinning) in this area ? Do I need to cast upstream, downstream, what type of water (e.g. fast, slow)am I most likely to be able to catch trout in? Any good books/websites you can recommend? Thanks again. John
  SPINNING FOR RIVER TROUT - Gary Huckins - Tuesday 12th April, 2005 01:01pm
  My advice - use Silver or Copper Mepps size 0 or 1, start at the bottom of the Beat and fish upstream. Don't splash or wear bright clothing. Use pliers and debarb cos you will get loads of small Trout attacking the lure. If you have debarbed and have forceps you should be easily able to onhook the littluns. You will catch some large Trout and even SeaTrout if present. You don't need wire but use 6-8 lb line. carry a net or look out for a safe beaching spot for big fish. River Tees at Barnard Castle has some free fishing. Wear and Tyne and other Northumbrian Rivers would work. Join a club. Last point - put any decent Brown Trout back, think conservation.
  Try Most Northumbria Water Venues For Spinning - Duncan Bladen - Thursday 1st May, 2008 01:21am
  10lb line reqd due to snaggy /big boulders . but i just started using spinning last season ,and what a revelation , 9 ft rod , light reel and 10lb line - bee catching regulary with lureflash tobies ,[ps i also use ledger with sweetcorn / and worms , and bubble float fishing as well as fly fishing , but find ledgering , with worm and sweetcorn the most productive . followed by spinning , its just like fly , but without the bad joints and hassle

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