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Articles by Bill Rushmer

Bill Rushmer

Bill is a chartered Chemist and retired teacher who is still fighting to keep the lid off his coffin. Remains as barmy about his fishing as he was over forty years ago - and is still loving it. Married to Virginia who is just as crazy about her fishing.

Bill is an all-rounder who loves trotting rivers with his beloved centre pin but will fish for anything that has got fins. Although he has had some fair specimen fish in his time he regards his greatest angling achievement as being the Chairman of the London Region of the National Association of Specialist Anglers that raised over 30,000 for Cancer Research.

His love for Star Trek stretches into his fishing. Bill and his Klingon wife prefer to fish 'Where no angler has gone before'. Hopefully you will not find Bill or Virginia on any circuit water such as Adams Mill on the River Ouse or Willow Lake on the Stone Acres complex. These waters, with known fish, are not his scene and never have been. "I much prefer doing my own thing, fishing where I want to fish, rather than on a venue because some other angler has caught a big fish. The credit for the fish surely rests with the angler who originally found the fish."

How to catch your first catfish

Bill finds a good venue for a first cat

The EA electro-fishing survey of the River Thames

Bill gets a few surprises on the EA Thames electro-fish session.

How to use a centre pin

Bill tells how

Full Nets at Bury Hill

Netting Bury Hill

Davies Angling Sale 2002 at Thorpe Park

The Davies Angling Sale 2002 is at Thorpe Park, Surrey, on Sat 2nd March 2002

Hot tips for Cold Commercial Fisheries

How do those top match anglers continue to catch even in really cold conditions? Bill explains how and why.

Ballooning for pike

How to use balloons to present baits at long range and tips on unhooking pike.

Coarse Fishery Review: Trilakes Fishery, Berkshire.

Bill reviews a popular day ticket fishery which is handy for Londoners

Sandy Balls : Holiday and fishery review

Bill checks out the new angling holiday resort destined to turn a few heads.

Pike: How to get started fishing for them

Bill gets the basics of pike fishing written down.

How to select your fly rod

There's more to it than you might think - Bill explains.

How to fish the waggler

Bill tells all the tricks...

Trout Fishery Review - Roadford Reservoir

Well worth a visit if you are holidaying in Devon..

How to select your fly reel

For trout fly-fishing you will need a specialised reel.

Holiday Review - Warren Park Farm, Alderholt

On the edge of the New Forest Bill finds a little gem

How to make and fish the swan necked balsa

This float is Bill's first choice on many rivers. Here's why.

How to colour particle baits

Using chickpeas as an example...

How to catch your first zander

In some areas there are lots of them - in the SE, not so many. Bill put's you on the right road for that first zed.

Trout Fishery Review - Barton Court

A very nice water this, and quite close to London

How to start fly fishing

First. Wake up. Next. get out of bed... :)



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