There are two versions of the Butcher. The original form which used to be called "Moon's Fly" is now called the "Butcher" whilst the equally good red bearded version is called the "Bloody Butcher".


Hooks: down eye size 14 to size 8. The largest size is used mainly for sea trout or lure fishing for reservoir rainbows at the back end of the season.

Body: Flat silver tinsel with a body rib of oval silver tinsel.

Tail: Three or four red goose substitute fibres.

Beard: Black hen for the traditional or red dyed hen for the Bloody Butcher.

Wing: Paired slips from blue mallard wing feathers

Working silk: black


1. Start at the hook bend and wind on a few turns of working silk. Tie in the tail, flat and oval tinsel.

2. Wind working silk to just over an eighth of an inch from the eye. Coat the hook with varnish and wind on the flat tinsel in a clockwise direction whilst the varnish is still wet. Tie off

3. Wind on the oval tinsel in an anticlockwise direction in wide turns. Tie off.

4. Wind on the hackle for three turns towards the eye. Tie off whilst trimming off surplus hackle ends.

Note: Although the fly is technically not finished at this stage as it still requires winging, I have used it with good success at this stage.

5. Select matching left and right slips from the Mallard feathers.

6. Tie in the wings holding the wing in position and pulling down with a waxed silk loop to secure it in position. Finish with a whip finish and varnish the head.

I have most success using this fly with a floating line and a good length of leader