Directions: From Camberley on the Surrey/Hampshire borders take the A30 towards Basingstoke. Turn off on the B3272 towards Reading go straight on at the first round about and turn right down the Sandhurst Road opposite the "Royal Oak" public house. The fishery is clearly sign posted on your right hand side.Ticket Details: This is part of the R.M.C. Angling's Yately complex and is classed as a special venue. Season tickets for this that also cover some of the other venues on site are readily available from R.M.C. Angling, The Square, Lightwater, Surrey, GU18 5SS. Phone number: 01276 456611 Fishing Summer PitI went to Summer Pit to fish it for the first time with P.A.A. coach Martin Porter. The water had not warmed up so we knew that it was unlikely that we would catch any crucian carp.Martin placed me in a 6ft deep swim and told me to float fish maggot out by an over-hanging tree about three rod lengths out. He advised me to fish maggot but to keep the feed down as it was still rather cold. I fed in two small pouchfuls of mixed red and white maggots before setting up my 13ft powerful waggler rod. Instead of using my traditional centre pin, I opted for a fixed spool reel loaded with 4lb b.s. line so that I could fish a light float further out if it proved necessary. The terminal tackle was a 3BB crow quill insert peacock waggler that was locked in position by the bulk shot with only a number 6 and 8 shot down the line. The size 14 hook baited with three maggots was attached on an 18 inch trace of 3.5lb bs line.I made my first cast and the float immediately disappeared. Naturally I struck but half expected to find nothing there as I thought that I could have over-shotted the float. No, it was a fish and a good one. It shot out from the trees as I used the power of the rod to over-come it. Applying plenty of power, I was able to stop the fish on every run it made towards the snags. Eventually it tired and was netted. I looked into the net and I could see that it was a good 5lb plus tench in perfect condition.Martin then appeared "That was quick" he commented. "Unbelievable" was my reply as I explained that the fish had taken on the drop on the first cast. We weighed the fish at 5lb 10oz before returning it.I couple of minutes later, Martin had a similar sized tench and we decided to sack a few up for a photograph as we had been given permission for the feature to use a sack.Sport was, to say the least, fairly hectic as we caught a mixture of roach and tench up to over 6lb. I heard that no crucians had yet shown by one of the regulars. It appears that the water really needed to warm up. Those nasty North Easterly winds really had chilled the water down.Martin had four tench in the net and was still catching when we took the bag picture. In all honesty it was not fair to keep any more in the sack. We fished on, catching, I believe, six tench each. Nearly every fish was over 5lb with several over 61b. I would say that we were averaging about 5.5lb per tench. Martin also had a nice perch that I photographed but that was the only perch that was caught.About midday, neither of us could not get another bite from a tench. It appeared that only the roach were feeding so we decided to pack up and go for lunch.A few days later it warmed up, so we returned to try for a crucian. We ended up catching a similar bag of tench and roach but the angler next door to me had a crucian that went 3lb 8oz.I thought that this was a great fishery giving me, with Martins help, a very easy review. Martin is a well established experienced P.A.A. coach and provides a coaching service for this and many other venues. He can be contacted on 01932 785017 or mobile 07802783450.