The winter in the Trndelag area was extremely dry with very little rain and only a little snow. Therefore we did not expect a spring flood caused by the snow melt early in the season. Early in May the temperatures reached a very comfortable level and the first salmon had been seen in the middle parts of the Gaula around Stren. Temperatures went down again with the end of May and the necessary rain filled the river again. We started our season on June 1st with a gauge of 105 cm at Frseth bridge and water temperatures which just had fallen from 8 to 5 Celsius. Ken Sawada took the first salmon at 1300 hours in our Bridge Pool. The salmon had a weight of 19 lbs and took an "Orange Flame". In the Lower parts of the Gaula some very big salmon have been caught with spoons, the biggest had a weight of 47 lbs.

Due to the cold water temperatures, fishing was done with heavy sinking lines and large flies, mostly tubeflies. Although the water temperatures were very low we saw several fish jumping which is unusual in the beginning of June. Some of these fish were very big indeed. Even with fish showing on the surface and jumping completely out of the water the fishing was very difficult and not many fish took the fly. Most of these fish were lost. On June 5th Rory Wolf Muray managed to catch a fish which weighed 23 lbs. He took the fish in Lower Langy Pool. Meantime the water temperatures reached 9 Celsius, the rain continued and the water level went up to 160 cm at the gauge.

Roland Puff had a good start and took a salmon of 20 lbs, his personal best so far, right on his first day. More fish were taken within the next days: Ken Sawada (19 lbs), Rory Wolfe Muray (10 lbs), Roland Puff (12 lbs) and Chris Vanseer (24 lbs).

Many fish were seen and several of our guests reported some very hard fights with big salmon which they finally lost. In particular, the famous Bridge Pool was the starting place of a number of dramatic fights. Dr. Jens Fischer from Germany managed to hold his salmon of 29 lbs in the Pool and landed this fish safely. Some days later he had a second salmon, this time 24 lbs. Other salmon left the pool, forcing the fishermen to follow them over the "Gauntlet". Unfortunately all of these fish were lost close to the landing place some 500m downstream. Roland Puff was one of the actors who had to follow his salmon. During the fight of more than 1 hour 15 minutes he had to hand over his rod to another fishermen because the fish was too strong. It was a very hard fight until finally the fish was lost. Chris Tarrant had a somewhat similar experience some days later. He followed the fish the whole way downstream and finally managed to get the 250 yards of backing, which the fish had taken, back onto his reel. Terry Oldfield was already waiting with the landing net. As close as 2.5 meters from the net the fish made another turn and sadly the hook came out. The salmon had a weight of about 30 lbs or even more.

Such hard fights are not normal but it seems to be different this season. Two more fish left Bridge Pool. Mr. Bauer from Munich was fishing alone during the night hours. The salmon took his fly with a very heavy take and left the pool immediately. During the fight the salmon took the complete backing down to the knot. After more than one hour both the fish and the fishermen were tired. Mr. Bauer had the fish close to the bank but he could not land it alone. He managed to figure the size of this salmon and he said that this was a fish of more than 120 cm length and a weight of 40 lbs plus! He went back to the pool after finally losing this monster, and hooked another big fish which he lost after some minutes before he caught a salmon of 12 lbs.

During week 25, the water temperatures reached 13 Celsius. All of our guests reported that they have seen many fish in the Pools of the Norwegian Flyfishers Club. The fishermen had many contacts and they caught a good number of nice and complete fresh fish between 12 and 20 lbs. Again the biggest fish have been lost. Mr. Schneid lost a fish of more than 30 lbs in our Long Pool while another salmon of 46 lbs was caught in the Lower parts of the Gaula.

On the Gaulfossen pool a harling boat hooked a salmon which was played for 20 minutes in the pool. Than the salmon decided to go upstreams and entered the Gaulfossen rapids. It went upstream taking the flyline, plus 50 meters of shooting line and 200 meters of backing - then broke the backing at the reel!

The total catch statistics of the Gaula shows a good number of those very big 4-seawinter fish which we expected for this season. With the season progressing the average weight is slightly decreasing. On the NFC fly water there have been 88 salmon caught in June, with the average weight being around 14 pounds. The new week 27 began with heavy rainfalls and a spate which resulted in water levels of 2 meters at the gauge. The fishing started well with 15 fish being caught within the first two days of the week. This included a beautiful fresh 21 pounder caught and released by Barrie Welham.

At the scientific research station at Agdernes (outer Trondheim fjord) the scientists caught 21 salmon in one net sweep, of which 17 were larger than 116cm! All salmon were carefully released.

Our new beat on the Stjrdal and Forra started with good results as well. We are very optimistic about this new water and we expect some very good fishing during this season. We still have some rods vacant even during the prime time, so please send us a short message if you want to join us this season. This is your chance to fish for the biggest Atlantic salmon in the world!

There is also the possibility for some very interesting trout fishing on the Forra river which is best for parties up to six fishermen. The cost including accommodation at the Falls Lodge are marginal.

Please contact us directly in Norway: Tel. 0047-48186991 . 0047-91393498 (M. Raguse) or Fax: 0047-724-31101.

Valentin Maul
Norwegian Flyfishers Club A/S