In this article, I hope to show readers how easy these baits are to prepare. All you need do is follow my step by step guide.

As a generalisation, I use fish meal pastes for fishing close-in, either stalking or using a float whilst the boilie is legered on a hair with a self hooking rig.

Making the paste

If I am going to make a paste to fish with, rather than as a step to making a boilie, I will use about a third of the quantity of flavouring. This is because when boiling the bait there is a lot of flavouring lost. Having said this, I have recently lowered the flavour levels in both my pastes and boilies to great effect. However it will take a longer period of use to come to a rigid conclusion.

1. Break open the eggs and place them in a mixing bowl. Normally I make a four egg mix for boilies but only a two egg mix for fishing a short session on paste.

2. The recommended level of sweetener is added. This is normally about 5ml for a four egg mix.

3. Flavouring is added. I use 3ml of Richworth sea scent for a boilie per four egg mix and 1/2 ml from a syringe for a two egg paste mix.

4. The mixture is stirred.

5. The fish meal base mix is added a little at a time and mixed in.

6. When the mix is homogenous and stiff, it is rolled in to a ball ready for use.

Making the boilie

I use a lot of smaller/mini boilies rather than the more popular larger versions. I therefore use a Gardener 8mm rolling board.

7. Use the board to roll two 8mm sausages from the paste.

8. Use the board with two 8mm sausages of paste across it to roll the baits.

9. When the mix is rolled, place a few baits in a sieve and boil for two minutes. Cook only a few baits at a time as too many in one batch will lower the temperature of the water.

10. Remove the boilies and let them dry on kitchen towel. Once dry place the baits in a plastic bag and either use immediately or freeze down for future use.