As a lure, this and the original "Baby Doll" have got to be one of the easiest lures to tie. It is also, like the original, a very cheap lure as it mainly uses a selection of wool.


Hook- long shank sizes 6,8,10 and 12. A mini version can also be tied on a size 10 or 12 down eyed conventionally shanked hook.
Working silk-black.
Body and back-black wool
Rib-wide silver tinsel. This is to give the lure that extra flash. Tail-bright lime green wool.

Tying Instructions

1. Wind in a few turns of working silk at the start of the bend.
2. Tie in a short length of the lime green tail.
3. Tie in three lengths of black wool. Two of them are about 14/z inch
and the other about 4 inches long.
4. Tie in the tinsel.
5. Wind the silk on leaving it about 1/8 inch from the eye of the hook.
6. Wind the longest on the longest length of black wool in tight turns
to form an oval shaped body. Tie off the wool about 1/8 inch from the
eye of the hook.
7. Wind on the wide silver tinsel in open turns and tie off at the same
spot as the wool.
8. Pull the remaining two lengths of black wool over the top of the
hook to form the back. Tie off.
9. Finish off with a whip finish.

Note: Black varnish can be used and a white eye painted on if required. In all honesty, although this makes the lure more attractive, I do not believe that it makes any real difference to the effectiveness of the lure.