Roger Baker and I were doing a lot of spinning for big perch and pike in snaggy water. As we were loosing rather a lot of spinners, we decided to make our own to save money. To this end we bought a lure making kit from Harris Angling Company to make our own spinners.

We were very surprised at all the materials that were in the kit and knew that it was possible to produce top quality lures from this kit.

1. We selected a wire and used the forming tool provided to form a loop.

2. The treble hook was placed in the loop.

3. A bead was placed over the loop to secure the hook in position. A weight followed by another smaller bead were threaded on the wire. The spinner blade was then attached.

4. Using the forming tool another loop was made in the wire securing the blade in position.

5. The loop was then placed on the forming tool as shown in the slide.

6. The wire was then given a full twist to form a fully secure loop.

7. Transfers were then added to the blade to finish the spinner. The slide shows some of the lures that we produced. I think readers will agree that they look a fairly professional job. No doubt with further practice top quality lures can be produced.

I would suggest to any future lure maker that he first gets hold of the Harris catalogue to see the types of lure that are on the market and to get some ideas. Harris advertise with this magazine and it is well worth checking out their range.