In this article, I aim to produce a simple step by step guide that readers can follow to service their reel.

Back in 1990, I was given a Ryobi Protarget fixed spool reel marketed by Masterline to review. It was the first reel I ever reviewed and I have used it regularly every since. In this time it has taken some real punishment as it has been used to land more than its fair share of big fish. However with regular servicing the reel is as good now as when I first reviewed it.

As it is a heavily used reel, I have used it to illustrate this feature.

Step 1. Collect together your servicing kit. This includes screwdrivers, pliers, paraffin as a degreasing agent, brushes, cloths, matchsticks, light oils, scrubbing brush and washing up liquid.

Step 2. Remove the spool, scrub, wash and dry it before opening it up. Note: old groundbait, grit, mud and clay are your reels worst enemies.

Step 3. Check the roller in the bail arm and clean it with an artists brush.

Step 4. Lightly oil it and make sure it rolls freely.

Step 5. Remove the handle

Step 6. Remove any dirt or grease with paraffin and dry it.

Step 7. Lightly grease the shaft and handle with the oil.

Step 8. Unscrew the main plate.

Step 9. Examine the gears for excessive wear. Look and see how dirty the grease is, as its colour can give an indication to the wear situation. Remove any excessive grease with a matchstick.

Step 10. Dismantle the gears and degrease them in paraffin.

Step 11. Lightly grease the gears and reassemble the reel.

Step 12. Remove the spool housing, degrease and examine for wear.

Step 13. Regrease and reassemble

Step 14. Remove the drag cover.

Step 15. Clean inside the drag mechanism and degrease.

Step 16. Regrease and reassemble.

In the case of major problems cropping up in reels, it is worth sending the reel back to the manufacturer. However in all honesty I have never found it necessary to send this reel back to Masterline in the ten years that I have used it.