As such, it is a very bouyant fly that can be fished deep down with a short leader. It can be fished virtually static on the bottom. The slow retrieve, particularly early season, does bring some very good results. When the weather warms up this fly also fishes well up in the water. Reports from users of this fly indicate that it has produced exceptional results from reservoirs and larger still waters. As this is a modern fly, it has not been in use long enough for us to gauge its full potential but we are most encouraged from the reports we have had back from users to date.

If the Queen Mother reservoir was still open we would have certainly gone out to fish this new fly on the lead core. It appears to have more life in it than the orginal booby flies that we used in the past on this venue. It has also a good length to it which would appeal to those big cannibal browns that live in the depths.

This fly is certainly worth trying and has great potential.


Pre-tied booby eyes on longshank hooks size 4, 6 or 8. Lee can supply these and all materials. Rabbit strip (white), silver wire and flat pearl lurex.


1. Tie in rib at the hook bend.

2. Bring the working silk to behind the pre-tied booby eyes.

3. Tie in lurex. Wind down to bend and back. Then tie it off.

4. Tie in rabbit behind the eyes.

5. Pull rabbit tight and take rib through the fur in even turns. Tie off at

the eye.

Fly tying materials and finished flies can be obtained from Lee Kitchen .

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