What? It looks good? Well so it should, considering all the work and planning that has gone into it. Fishing.co.uk replaces the old UK Fishing World site, blowing it out of the water in all respects. It's still built by anglers, for anglers but now it has the added support of both Internet Advertising and a large PLC backing it - so a big hand to them. And another for the Easypress boys who stick it all together. This will undoubtedly become the premier website for all anglers using the UK methods and techniques, so stick a bookmark into your browser right now, because you will be coming back. Give us some time though, Rome wasn't built in a day and nor will this site be, because it is going to be huge. What you can see today is just the tip of the iceberg, we are planning web-cams and video and well, what would you like? Email us and tell us what you want and we will endeavour to achieve. At the moment, some of the areas on this site aren't fully operational or fully up to date - and, now I come to think about it, they probably never will be. This is because information about fish and fishing changes on a daily basis. And that's where you come in. If you spot any errors on the site, for example incorrectly quoted day ticket rates for a fishery or a wrong telephone number perhaps, please drop us a mail to let us know in order that we can correct it. That way you'll be helping us to help you. As you browse around the site you will soon realise that it is broken into three main areas. These are sea, game and coarse.

A lot of debate went into the breakdown, with many single discipline anglers (eg pike only anglers) arguing for their own single species/style areas. The problems come when someone writes us an article about fly fishing for pike in the Baltic! Where does it belong? It's pike, it's sea, it's freshwater, and it's fly-fishing arrgh!! Or perhaps an article about the history of the fishing rod?? So you see the problem. The only option is to learn from our predecessors and stick, at least for now, to sea, coarse and game. If a particular piece of information looks like it needs including in other areas then we'll try to include it there too but I advise you to check out all three areas anyway.

Some of the best anglers I know are those who were brought up on the old 'Angling' and 'Creel' mixed-fishing type magazine format of the 60's and 70's. The mixed fishing format became less fashionable in the 80's and 90's as more and more specialist magazines emerged. Anglers, it seemed, were only prepared to pay for reading matter about their particular favourite aspect of the sport. Ahh. Well That problem has now been averted - because all the reading matter on fishing.co.uk is FREE! Perhaps now we can get back to a proper angling format, unrestricted by economic restraints.

Partly because of the mixed fishing format of the old mags, those guys I just mentioned are often proficient in more than just one angling discipline. They realise that a technique used in sea fishing can often be adapted to freshwater and vice versa. (Carp anglers wanting clues to improve their long range casting would do well to check out Bradley Bone's article in this issue's sea section, then maybe you'll see what I'm getting at.) Many of the authors who wrote for those excellent old conventional publications are now writing for us. We have guys like Graham Marsden, Russ Symons, Martin James, Alan Tomkins, Bill Rushmer, the list goes on and on. In fact many of our regular contributors are respected angling writers with over 25 years of excellent articles behind them. We have even managed to drag Dave Steuart kicking and screaming back from retirement. (Not an easy job, it took two people several weeks of begging phone calls to get "just one" article out of him!). Those who are the younger bloods amongst our authors have proved themselves on the bank and are anglers who's credentials cannot be disputed. These include former Angling Masters champion Dr. Paul Garner, arguably the UK's leading freshwater fish ecologist and Bradley Bone, who is currently cutting a swathe through the sea-fishing match scene. We have Rob Hughes soliciting carpy news and Dave Harrell will need no introduction to the coarse match anglers. And what of John Cooper? Read his offering and tonight you'll scheme and dream of how to wrangle a flight to Rio. I'm your editor, so any comments should come to me.

Speaking of kids, which we wern't, get yours to have a look at Jim's Kingfisher Klub pages. The kids are the future of angling, so we dare not leave them out. And a little something for the missus? We have the Ladies Angle, from my wife Maggi. (She's catches bigger fish than me every time I take here out!)

If you want to get the best of what fishing.co.uk has to offer, read all of it and enjoy. It can only improve your fishing knowledge. It's updated every month and it's free. All we ask is that you support our advertisers. It's those people who are paying for your enjoyment so why not! Read on and enjoy. Then come back and do it again. Best fishes Geoff Maynard