I noticed that a couple of other angling websites had taken stands at the shows, good for them. The net is still a small place compared to what it will be in another ten years time. Anyone promoting angling on the net now has to be applauded, as every angling site that advertises with the conventional media system is, whether or not they mean to, also advertising all the other sites! Everyone getting online for the first time looks around and bookmarks the best sites. I think we took the right decisions, instead of spending a bomb on advertising a site with little yet on it, we put our money into what really makes a good site. Content makes content (sic) and our visitor rate reflects that. Don't forget to mail us if there are any improvements or new features you would like to see but wait until next month before commenting on design issues as our 'new look' should be implemented by then.

Hectic times are here again. I'm sitting here surrounded by piles of accumulated mail, bills and other assorted litter, wishing I wasn't. I just got back from a fascinating trip to the sunny Czech Republic, returning now to these rain-sodden shores of fair Blighty. The flight of 600miles took an hour and a bit. The 30 mile drive home from the airport took 4 hours! I've had enough of the city already. I really would like to just skive off to the trout lake for a few hours but I suppose that's not really an option - especially as I'm only home for a few days.

In just over 10 days I'll be on a plane again, this time headed for Spain and those huge catfish in the Rio del Ebro. My palms are fairly twitching at the thought. Life is just too short, I have decided that this year I WILL get some serious fishing in, come Hell or high water and while I'm at home I'll just have to pay the price by working a lot of 18 hour days. My Bazooka rod box is leaning against the wall ready to be re-packed with a different set of rods and I await the postman for the last bits and pieces that I have ordered for the next trip. Anticipation really gets me keyed up.

John Coopers recent series on fishing in Africa have been nagging at me and this months short offering from Charl Hubner has confirmed it. I'm going. I have to. I can just see myself in a pair of shorts and sunglasses with a ruddy great barracuda on the end of a fly-rod. I can't make it this year as I'm already booked into a trip to Canada and the States. If the bank manager found out I added Africa to this years trip list, she would definitely throw a fit! So not just now, but early next year seems right. And then there is Scotland. Well, I can't leave that too late in the year can I? And Eire is beckoning again, as is another trip to that French lake again. Hmm.

Some of you might think that it costs a fortune to go on these overseas trips but it really doesn't have to. Shop around. Take a look on the net at some of the deals offered by the cut price airlines and you'll see what I mean. Go-fly.com took me to the Czech Republic for just over 100 pounds, a Spanish holiday charter company gets me to Spain for about the same price. RyanAir was doing deals recently that allowed a Dublin to London flight for a fiver! These flights make angling abroad a very viable option and you really are missing out if you don't take advantage of them. Still muttering?

Consider what you spend on one days fishing at a good venue in the UK. Make sure you include the bait, the fuel, the day-ticket price, the couple of pints in the pub afterwards. Adds up doesn't it? You can get a flight for that much! Travel light and spend a few days camping on a water overseas. On a day for day basis you might well find that it's almost as cheap for you to go on a foreign fishing trip as it is for you to stay at home. Go with a couple of pals and hire a car when you get there, splitting the costs then makes it even more affordable and gives you a degree of flexibility. If you really want your appetite whetted, take a look at our holiday section. Some of those locations should get you thinking. You only live once, go for it!

Oh. And you get a sun-tan thrown in. Now, where's that passport gone? Bugger! She's hidden it!