I have used this static surface tactic on hot Summer evenings on many waters and found it particularly deadly on Meadow Tree Fishery at Hale in Cornwall, Dever Springs in Hampshire and Black Wool Farm in Sussex. All these waters are big fish waters, the fish responded well to the small suspender buzzer producing several double figured rainbows.

The suspender buzzer can also be fished as the point fly with a seals fur buzzer on a dropper. Alternatively it can be used as a bob fly with a seal fur buzzer fished below on the point. It is a very versatile nymph that can even be fished on a short leader and a fast sink line in a similar fashion to a booby. This works well when a water has be heavily fished with buoyant lures. When I used to fish the Queen Mother Reservoir at Datchet, I would sometimes change my buoyant lure for a suspender buzzer and get instant success. This was remarkable as I was often fishing at depths between 60ft and 80ft. I doubt that there could have been any buzzers down at that depth but, I repeat, the tactic worked well at times.

Like most buzzers, the suspender buzzer worked just as well on rivers where we would fish it as if it were a dry fly. Again results were often better than those obtained using traditional dry fly patterns. It worked well for both rainbows and fussy browns. I have caught more than my far share of good wild brownies using this technique

Tying the Suspender Buzzer


Hook - Size 10 or 12 scorpion short shank

Body and Thorax - orange seals fur substitute (Veniards natural hair substitute)

Ribbing - Brown thread.

Suspender Head - Plastazote cylinder 3mm diameter Thread- Unwaxed orange professional

Tying Instructions

Step 1 Start thread half way down the hook shank and in close wraps wind towards the hook eye.

Step 2 Stop 1 mm short of eye and tie in plastazote and cut to length (see photograph).

Step 3 Take tying thread in close wraps to half way round the hook bend.

Step 4 Catch in ribbing.

Step 5 Dub seals fur substitute sparsely onto the tying thread and in close turns wind dubbing up to plasterzote.

Step 6 Now take ribbing and in open turns, wind until you reach the foam.

Step 7 Dub on more seal fur substitute and form the thorax. Then tie off.

Finished suspender buzzers, black seals fur buzzers and materials can be obtained from Lee - Email lee@troufflies.freeserve.co.uk