Traditionally it is fished as a point fly with a floating line and a greased up leader using a very slow retrieve. However there are many other methods of fishing this buzzer including having a dry or floating fly on the point with the buzzer fished on a short dropper. Another useful approach is to fish the buzzer on the point with a dry fly on the top dropper. The dry fly acts as a float would in coarse fishing and clearly shows a take as it is gets pulled under.

I had a very enjoyable session on a exclusive Southern chalk stream on a size 12 black seals fur buzzer. I set up a 8ft AFTM number 3 fly rod with a fly reel loaded with a DT3F fly line. The leader was made from a 7ft length of 3 lb b.s. Maxima ultra green line. I like the colour of this line and know that it is a most reliable strong line.

The section of water was gin clear with very healthy weed beds. The average depth was about 2ft deep and the brown trout could be clearly seen. I walked upstream ignoring most of the smaller fish as I wanted to catch one of those nicely marked better browns that would really test the light tackle that I was using. Just downstream of a small carrier I spotted a better brown that I estimated to be about 31b. Keeping low down I cast the buzzer about a foot above the fish and to my great surprise it instantly turned to take it. I even saw its mouth move as it took. I struck and the fish went mad, stripping off yards of line. I was confident that the leader would hold and realised that I had seriously under estimated the size of the brown trout. It was great fun playing that trout on such a light outfit. However it was with a sense of relief that I landed the brown trout that I weighed at 41b 2oz.

Later I went on to catch 3 more brownies weighing between 1lb 12oz and 3lb 10oz to complete my limit. It had been a great day and did much to improve my confidence in the Black Seal-fur Buzzer.

I have used this buzzer on many still water trout venues including the much under estimated Black Wool Farm in Sussex. I have had some terrific evening sport from this venue, including double figured rainbows, using a black seals fur buzzer with a long leader greased up to the last 18 inches. Another version of this buzzer with an olive seals fur body also appears to work exceptionally well at this venue. The tying pattern can be altered to include many different seals fur bodies.

Tying The black seals fur buzzer


Hook - Size 10 or 12 scorpion short shank

Body - Black seals fur substitute (Veniards natural hair substitute)

Thorax-Rabbit fur Ribbing - Krystal flash Thread - Unwaxed professional (black).


Step 1 Start behind eye of hook with tying thread and using close wraps wind half way down the shank.

Step 2 Catch in Krystal flash ribbing and continue with thread to a point half way round bend.

Step 3 Dub on seals fur substitute sparsely. Wind back 1mm short of hook eye.

Step 4 Take ribbing in open turns and tie off.

Step 5 Dub on rabbits fur and form a thorax. Then tie off.