Last Summer, as part of its fund raising activities, the school organised a fish-in to support a children's home in Central Transylvania, Romania. The pupils of the school appear to have identified with and adopted this orphanage. It is very much a case of children helping children.

We are very fortunate that our Deputy Head, Tim Poole,is heavily involved in helping out at the home which is the largest in the country holding some 600 boys and girls between 3 and 18 years. Tim has worked through Cobham Romania Aid since 1991 and been a regular visitor to the home. At present he visits the children in the home three times a year and knows well the requirements of the children. He makes sure the money is spent where it will do most good.

We had problems finding a suitable venue until Feltham Piscatorial Society offered us Eric's Pool on their Sivyer's Complex. This complex is a secure site and completely fenced in. The grass and gardens are all well kept with a modern clean flush toilets on site making it an ideal venue. Eric's Pool is one of two lakes on site and is a modern canal-like lake that is well stocked with roach, dace, chub, rudd, perch, crucian carp and tench. The depth appears to average about 4ft deep.

The fish-in clashed with other fund raising events in the school and only 12 youngsters took part but they did raise over 950 for the children's home. However on the day, I was surprised to see that the club did not only supply the venue free of charge but also sent down its top anglers to help the school's pupils get the best out of the venue. The club Chairman, Albert Sivyer was first to arrive and presented us with a trophy to be awarded to the angler raising the most money. That was a very nice thought. Then Roger Baker and his son Paul turned up to help out.

When the pupils turned up I was again surprised to find that three parents had turned up to help out. We checked the pupils in and got them to dip their nets in disinfectant before starting. With less than two children per adult we were quickly able to set up and get the young anglers catching fish. Roger sat behind Marcus Remunion, who raised the most money with 140 and taught him how to get the best out of the shoal of roach, rudd and chub that he had boiling in front of him. Roger set him up with light line, a very small float and a size 18 hook to fish single maggot about 12 inches deep. Roger taught the value of feeding a little but often and how to get his rhythm right. The result was a good mixed bag. Stephen Rich an older pupil was catching regularly and as a result raised a magnificent 110.41. Chris Martin also caught regularly to raise 109. Within an hour all participants were catching mixed bags and really enjoying themselves. Not only were they doing good work in raising money for charity but they were also getting first class instruction and were improving their angling skills.

This was certainly a most successful day and I believe shows what is possible when a good club like Feltham Piscatorials support there local school. However it is the school that has got to make the first move to get the children interested. So come on fellow fishing teachers, get in contact with your local clubs and get those pupils fishing and raising money for worthwhile charities.