This is the culmination of a commitment made in 1999 by the three Governing Bodies of angling to bring the sport into line with other major sports in the UK. is part of the Joint Angling Governing Bodies and has been set up to manage the scheme, which has been endorsed by Sport England and SportsCoach UK. To gain a coaching licence a coach/instructor must meet the following criteria:

Hold a Governing Body Qualification in the coaching of angling

Have completed the Good Practice in Child Protection Awareness training programme;
Hold a valid first aid certificate.
Have adequate third party insurance.
Have agreed to be checked by the Criminal Records Bureau.
Provide evidence of previous coaching activities.
A licensed coach will be a coach who has demonstrated both their practical skills and their teaching abilities to the highest level required to achieve their qualification. In addition they have will continue to receive professional development, which will enhance their abilities to work with children, to assess risks and to deal with safety issues. They also have appropriate insurance cover.
All existing qualified coaches who hold a coaching qualification awarded by one of the three Governing Bodies or by the Professional Anglers Association will be invited to become licensed from the 1st June 2002 providing they are able to meet the criteria. These are the existing NFA Coaching Award, The Salmon and Trout Association National Instructors Certificate (STANIC), The Advanced Professional Game Angling Instructor (APGAI), and The PAA Coaching Awards. For coaches qualifying after the 1st May 2002 only awards accredited to the new Certificate in the Coaching of Angling will be recognised by the JAGB, Sport England and Sports Coach UK as being eligible for licensing.

A full register of the licensed coaches will be held by This will also be available later this year on website at (currently under construction).
All Licensed Coaches will carry a Photo Identity Card. This will clearly state their qualification and their angling discipline (coarse, game or sea).
The Joint Angling Governing Bodies have started working with fishery managers, local authorities, water authorities, the leisure and tourist industry and the other interested parties, Coach Licensing provides an assurance that the holder is qualified, and has received appropriate professional development to allow him/her to work safely with children and adults; and that the coach is adequately insured.