I recently found myself in the market for such a reel and was delighted to turn up this little gem of a reel.

One of the problems with many of today's fixed spool reels is, the distance between the rod handle and the lip of the spool of the reel is often too great for comfort. This makes casting with accuracy an issue and defies all attempts at trotting with such a reel. The Okuma seems to have overcome this problem and is therefore comfortable to use, plus the line lay on the spools is excellent which makes trotting a breeze.

I have tried fixed spool reels with rear drags and found many of them to be wanting in this department, with a jerky, uneven clutch tending to be the norm. Again, the Okuma has no such faults in this department either.
The reel is very smooth with no less than 8 x ball bearings. It is well put together and should last the purchaser for many years. It is supplied with two spools and, priced at under 40, represents a considerable bargain for an item of this quality.

I have a feeling that the arrival of Okuma on our shores is going to give some of our current major manufacturers a serious wake up call.
By M.A.Roe