Lowrance Electronics, who make what I believe to be the best boat fishing electronics for the angler who is really serious about his/her fishing, has recently introduced some totally superb equipment which explores new limits of accuracy and definition for finding and re-visiting wrecks, rocks and other fish holding lumps and bumps.

One of several unique features is the ability to record what the sonar and GPS does over the entire fishing trip and then play the entire trip back, at home, on your PC. I have found several lumps and bumps which I have returned to fish, because, by simply putting your mouse pointer over a likely looking spot a "flag" comes up containing the GPS precise position of the spot.

Most anglers will inevitably throw up their hands and say "sounds complicated! I cannot be bothered with learning all that!"

Lowrance have sidestepped that by putting up a learning aid that reduces the learning curve almost to a computer game. Log on to the Lowrance site, www.lowrance.com and download the "LCX-15 or LCX-16 "emulator" which will allow you to play to your hearts content with the latest combined GPS and Sonar products, familiarising yourself with functions and menuís which might otherwise stay hidden forever!

There are also Sonar and GPS tutorials explaining in detail the terminology and capabilities which these great units use even if you have never used one before.
Great fun on a winters evening when the gales are rattling the shutters or a terrific learning aid for those who want to get the most out of these incredible Lowrance units.

Any questions email russ@reelfoto.com