This process is cheap and relatively easy. All you need do is to follow my step by step guide. To aid photography and to add clarity, we have used clear containers but in practice ordinary bait containers are perfect.

Step 1

Collect all the materials. I like chick peas as, properly prepared, they are a top class bait that is under-rated by the majority of anglers. They are relatively cheap, easily prepared, easily coloured and flavoured. However the technique can be used on other baits such as sweetcorn, wheat, maple peas, peanuts and black eye beans.

The other ingredients are a safe dye, sweetener and flavour. Never use the dyes that were used to colour maggots as many are suspect in respect to being cancer forming. I use Richworth boilie dyes as they have been tested out and are food quality products. I feel this is important.

The only equipment required is an old saucepan, table spoon, tea spoon and a milk bottle.

Step 2

Making up the colouring and flavouring solution:
Place one pint of water in a container and add two tablespoons of dye. Stir in and then add a tea spoon of sweetener followed by the same measure of flavouring. Red dye with Richworth tutti fruiti flavouring make an excellent combination. Stir and add your chick peas. Then leave for two days.

Step 3

With most particle baits, with the exception of sweet corn, there is a need to cook them after two days of soaking. I cook my chick peas for twenty minutes and let them cool down for an hour or two.

Step 4

Strain off the water and bag the bait up. I often keep mine in the freezer. The bait can be fished directly on the hook or hair-rigged using traditional carp tactics.

There is no end to the colour/flavour combinations that can be used. A hot tip is to cocktail different coloured baits on the hook in much the same way as cocktailed maggots. However do not think that chick peas are an exclusive carp bait as they work well for other species particularly tench and bream

Modifying a bait by colouring and flavouring could not be easier and could greatly increase your chances of success.