Anglers tried to keep these baits secret as they often devastated a fishery. These baits still work well today for those anglers willing to go to the trouble of preparing their own bait.

The bait gets its name from the fact that it is prepared from the sweet called "Angels Delight". Anyone who has tried this sweet will tell you that it has in fact a very sweet strawberry flavour which is why I believe the carp like it so much.

Preparation of Angel paste

1. Add a packet of Angel Paste into a clean mixing bowl.

2. Add 300g of Richworth 50/50 boilie mix and mix in.

3. Add one teaspoon full of sweetener

4. Add one teaspoon of red dye

5. Mix and add water.

The boilie is more popular with long stay anglers and uses similar ingredients.

Preparation of the boilie

1. Break three eggs into a clean bowl

2. Add 5ml of sweetener and mix

3 Optional - add a teaspoon of dye and mix in. Recently I have had better results without colouring the bait.

4 Add a packet of Angel Delight and mix in

5. Add Richworth 50/50 boilie mix a little at a time until a very stiff paste is obtained. This paste is a good alternative to the water based paste provided it is not too hot so that the eggs go off.

6. Roll into balls and place in boiling water for up to 3 minutes. The longer you leave it in boiling water the harder the bait. I often use only 45 seconds.

7. Allow to cool. Then air dry or freeze the baits ready for use.

Fishing with Angel paste and boilies

The paste is normally used for stalking fishing very close. As it is so soft I fish it directly on a large hook under a pole float. Bites tend to be most positive and the carp easily hooked.

The boilie is fished the same as commercially made products i.e. hair rigged with a semi fixed lead. They tend to be a rather instant bait and in my experience work straight away or not at all. I just feed out between 30 and 50 baits before setting up to fish directly over them.