Okay. Well, first of all we have a new competition for you to enter.

These competitions that we are running are really popular. And why not? The chance of something for nothing has always had appeal, I just never realised how popular these things were with anglers. Perhaps it’s something to do with the quality of the prizes. We started out our monthly competitions with a holiday in Eire, last month it was a fabulous split-cane rod and then… it’s another holiday - this time in Europe! Don’t miss out on entering – because, as the local match anglers tell me, ‘if you’re not in the game, you’re not in the frame’.

Our baseball hats and tee-shirts have arrived at last. Contribute to our letters page to stand a chance of winning one. That’s me over there on the catwalk on the left of your screen. Just think, one little letter and you could look like ME!!… Seriously though, they are quite smart are they not?

New items on the website include the tackle reviews and the trophy room. The reviews speak for themselves and we hope that you find them interesting reading. If you have a product that you want reviewing send it in, just make sure that it’s good enough to stand up to an HONEST review! The Trophy Room might need a little more explanation. Think of it as a personal fishing ‘home’ page. Anyone can now put their fishing photos up on the web-site. That means you, no matter how young or old you are, or how big or small your fish are. Don’t be shy, if you don’t have a scanner you can send your pics in by Royal Mail and we’ll do the rest.

Articles: Some of the best anglers I know are awful writers and some of the best angling writers I know are only adequate anglers. To get a good mix of talent in both areas is a rare thing but we seem to have found a few brand new ones for you to read in this months edition of FISHING.CO.UK. The following is just to whet your appetite though, as from now on we will be feeding you articles like a matchman loosefeeds ground-bait, little and often. This will probably start to happen around mid to late September, when we’ve managed to sober up our programmers (Hey, wake up Chris!!). Every week there will be some new articles to read which makes an even bigger reason than usual to put a bookmark in now to make it easy for you to return.

Marisa Ippolito’s name is Italian, but she is a gutsy Scots lass of the old school. Whilst lesser mortals are hoildaying in Benidorm, Marisa treks the Indian foothills of the high Himalayas in search of that ultimate prize – a monster mahseer. Because of her great pictures you’ll find her article here in ‘The Angle’ instead of the ‘Ladies Angle’. Marisa also spends the winters in Scotland searching out monster pike on the lochs, but that’s for another issue. My favourite piece in this months edition is from Roger Linn. Roger has never to my knowledge written a fishing article before but I’m going to try and get him to do more for us after reading this example. "With Murphy On The Corrib" really hits a nerve. Here is someone who really understands that fishing is about having fun, not just catching fish. That concept could be harder to explain to Steve Mills who seems to have no time to do anything but catch fish! He has just returned from an Egyptian Nile perch trip where he and his pal Jonesy racked up an astounding 83 fish to 87lb – I took the liberty of translating a letter from him from his native ‘carpspeak’ and I know you’re going to enjoy it, some great photos there.

Also this month, John Cooper recalls a time when carp fishing meant more than bivvies and buzzers and Rob Hughes is back from his honeymoon with more on the big carp scene. Still on the subject of carp, Alan Tomkins continues with his fascinating series ‘Summer of ‘83" and Dave Steuart flies off on his jet powered Zimmer-frame to catch a few Canadian carp. By the ton!

Barbel anglers get a new perspective with this months rendering from Martin James. That man seems to catch just about everything on a fly-rod. Last months fly article from Bill Rushmer prompted some interesting mail, both from the States (see readers letters) and on the IAC mailing lists. It promoted a lot of interest in ‘big fly’ fishing. I’m in on that and plan on assaulting some big, deep waters in the near future in search of fish other than the 2lb stockies. This month Uncle Bill goes full circle and returns to the coarse scene with his piece on fishing wet-bread for big roach. Still on the subject of big waters - two for the price of one - fishing guide Brian Joyce puts together a piece on both the trout and the pike of Lough Mask. Back on the bigger island, Paul Garner writes a piece on good catches being a stacked deck and Dave Collier goes on a trip with anglers who have the deck stacked against them. Whew! And we’re not finished yet

Mike Thrussel targets pollack and Russ Symons goes after sea bream in this months FISHING.CO.UK. However the sea anglers can get their appetites whetted with the promise of the first in a new series from Rod Hayes. Rod is skippering a game boat out in the Azores and is used to catching on a daily basis what most of us who live in colder climes can only dream about. The real monsters of the ocean. But that’s a game for next month and is only for the big boys ’n girls. What about the smaller ones? Big Jim Hickey explains to them how to use a float in this months Kingfisher Klub. (Maybe a few of our ‘instant carp anglers’ ought to read that too. Meeaow!). One guy who don’t need much teaching is Graham Marsden. In this months edition he sneaks up on some summer chub on the Northern rivers.

Matchmen all have something in common, whether they be trout or coarse. They are competitive. I often wonder how Dave Harrell and Martin Cottis would get on if we pitched them against each other? To even up the score we could do it in a three match series, on a loch, a canal and, to even things up, a sea match perhaps? Could be a good crack! Both of them have had a bit of a result recently, catch up on their news in this months FISHING.CO.UK

Geoff Maynard