You may recall last week that I predicted the Severn would fish well. Well, I was wrong! It fished really hard in parts, which was a disappointment after the way it had fished in the first couple of weeks of the season.

On Saturday I was so close to good swims after drawing peg 12 on the KDAA stretch at Bewdley. In fact I fancied all the pegs in the top field apart from mine as it very rarely produces. And thatís how it turned out. All I had to show at the end was around two and a half pounds of eels and small chub.

On Monday Mark Foster from Fosters of Birmingham came down to Bewdley for an afternoon/ evening pleasure session with me and we had an enjoyable few hours on two swims, namely pegs 69 and 86. Floatfishing with casters, hemp and maggots we had barbel to five pounds and chub up to the two pound mark.

Then it was back to disappointment on Wednesday when I drew peg 121 on the KDAA midweeker. I came third off this swim three weeks ago with thirty-two pounds of barbel on the stick so decided upon a similar approach this time around. No barbel were forthcoming and every chub I hooked was savaged by pike! There were at least three pike in the swim, one of around three pounds, one of around six and another that was into double figures! What fish I did get through the "gauntlet" were small and by the end I'd only got around three pounds in the net.

Final disaster of this week came at Bridgnorth when I drew a nondescript swim at the top end of the stretch. Comments like "It's good there in winter" didn't do much for me and I packed up after three hours with only a couple of small chub to put back.

As I said at the start things can only get better. Hopefully this week!


Any anglers wishing to learn more about fishing the River Severn or stillwaters in the Worcestershire area may be interested to know that I have a few dates left for my summer and winter coaching days. These days can be tailored to individual requirements and are designed for one to three people. For more details send an SAE to:

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