Not so very long ago I was told by the females of my family, that they really would not have minded if I had enjoyed a half day or even a whole day aboard one of the many charter boats that abound where ever the sun shines with any degree of regularity. Sometimes the logic of the situation defies belief.

So when in doubt, ask. You never know, you might end up at sea strapped into a chair fighting the fish of a lifetime - not forgetting that the female of the species are often made very welcome aboard these luxurious charter boats and more than one lady has caught the fishing disease through a chance encounter with a wild thing !

So what do you need if the decision goes in your favour? These tropical charter boats have made it very easy for itinerant holidaymakers to sample the delights of fishing in the sunshine. Many of them will take plastic if you don't want to spend the readies and considering the fact that tackle is supplied, snacks and cold drinks are often included in the price, you do not need much else but yourself and a tub of sunscreen.

Sunglasses are essential unless you want to wake up the next morning to the sound of jungle drums beating inside your head. It is easy to forget that a lot of sunshine is reflected from the surface of the sea. Not only does this get underneath the miniature lenses of many of these extra terrestrial sunglasses but will also cause sunburn in double quick time.

So go prepared and enjoy yourself. I will accept all the blame should you become addicted to these tropical wild things and your holidays suddenly start to go off the beaten track.

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