I was there on a feature for the Match Angling Plus magazine and after a discussion with fishery owner Eddie Turner I settled in on peg seven on the Beech Pool. There were carp swimming around on the top all over the pool but after a very slow first hour it was fairly obvious the fish had other things on their minds instead of taking my hook offerings! Clearly a lot of the fish were getting ready to spawn.

The water temperature was twenty degrees and there was a lot of activity taking place in the various reed beds around the pool. At this time of year you often find the worst time of day to fish these types of places is the middle part of the day and this is exactly how my day went. Once the sun started to drop down a little, a lot of fish moved onto my feed and in just a couple of hours I put around sixty pounds of fish into the net.

After carefully plumbing up the swim I settled for two lines of attack, one at eleven metres and another in the margin. On my long line rig I used a 0.40g Carptek series 1 pole float set a couple of inches overdepth and for up in the water I went for a 0.20g Carptek series 4 float. Both rigs were made up on Hi tec Carptek 0.14mm line with a size 14 barbless hook. For the margin another 0.20g series 4 was the choice.

Loosefed caster drew the fish into both swims and my best fish from tight in went around twelve pounds.

This week I'm going back to Earlswood lakes in pursuit of bream. I've not been there since late last summer and I'm really looking forward to getting back. I'll let you know how it went next week.

I am now taking bookings for my coaching days on the River Severn or local Worcestershire stillwaters. The days have proved popular with a lot of anglers so far and can be tailored to individual needs and requirements. The important thing for me on these days is that anglers coming out with me go away having enjoyed their day and hopefully having learned something. If you want to know more about the days you can contact at:

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