Fishing for Spring Cod deep in the Western Approaches a couple of weeks ago we were using Calamari squid festooned off some Silverfisken and Diamond jigs. Then, for one reason or another, the fish just turned off. No matter how we worked the jigs, bouncing the bottom, drag and lift, none of the usually deadly methods would work. Yet the fish were there, we could see them scattered along the bottom on the sounder screen.

Then one of my pals decided that it was going to be a whole squid hard on the bottom on a short 100lb leader, just in case a hefty ling or conger came along.

But after he had rigged the little boom and two foot leader, the presentation of the whole squid on a 7/0 hook, with a luminous muppet over the top was a revelation! It was most certainly what the fish wanted, perhaps it was because the bait was presented in a different way. Although we did not catch a lot, it was the "muppety" squid that did the catching.

The muppet was threaded onto the line, then a big plastic bead, before the hook was tied to the line. The calamari had its pen removed, then mounted on the hook with the top end bound with gossamer elastic around the eye of the hook to keep the squid from sliding down to bundle itself around the bend of the hook. The muppet was then slid down to the eye of the hook so that it formed a skirt around the top of the squid bait. It was this skirt that added the enticing movement and colour to the bait, the squid itself contributing the scent. Maybe this is not exactly a groundbreaking method of baiting with Calamari, but it did the trick on the day and is one to remember on days when bites are thin on the ground.

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