Plug fishing is taking off big time in the UK and, as many of you are finding out, good plugs are the only ones that work, but they don't come cheap. So it pays real dividends to look after them.

Caring for plugs is simple, after they come back from a days fishing lay them out on an old towel or board and spray them with WD40.

Shouts of horror throughout the land!! Deliberately tainting a lure with an oil based substance - surely that cannot be right !!

Strange though it might seem WD40 is actually held by some to improve a lure or even a natural bait's fish-catching properties. There are tales of pheromones, of some mystery substance which fish like. The story which I think is much more likely is that WD masks the human scent, the nicotine smell, the tang of soap - the things which are so much a part of our lives that we no longer notice them.

So whatever the reason, spraying plugs with WD to preserve the hooks, split rings and metal work on a plug is not something which will detract from the effectiveness of an expensive fish catcher.

Changing hooks which have rusted is easily done with the aid of a pair of split ring pliers or a small screwdriver. Just take your time and proceed carefully, rusty trebles are the last thing you want stuck in a finger.

All the kit for renewing the hooks on a lure can often be purchased from your local tackle shop, otherwise try Veals Mail order on 01 275 892 000.

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