I had decided before I went to have an all out assault with chopped worm and caster. At the start of the session I fed around a pint of chopped worm and caster into the swim (which was about nine feet deep) thirteen metres out. I then loosefed casters with a catapult to the same distance.

It was a slow start with only a few bream in the first hour but once the tench moved in it was action all the way with a lot of the fish coming just three feet under the surface. I must have had around forty pounds of tench six feet off the bottom, which is unusual, when you consider they are a bottom feeding fish normally. It just goes to show how many fish there are in the place.

After such a good workout I decided to fish the weekend matches at the venue. On Saturday I fished in similar style to my practice and came third with 43.12.0 of mainly tench for third spot and on Sunday I won my section with 17.12.0. There are some strange baits catching a lot of fish at the place right now though! I learnt after the matches that some of the competitors had caught on cat food and some had taken carp on, wait for it, macaroni cheese! Mmmm, food for thought that, and once again, proof that carp will eat almost anything thatís put in front of them on certain days.

On Wednesday I helped to organise a fishing day at Woodland View fishery in aid of West Brom player Daryl Burgess as part of his ongoing testimonial events. We had a great day out. On part of the complex we had a match which was won by John Hague with sixty-six pounds of carp. Whilst this was going on I was coaching Daryl and other guests on the back Deans pool. He'd never fished before but I think he enjoyed it, catching carp and tench for a good mixed bag. It wasn't all good news for me though as over the course of the day I ended up with a broken pole section and a broken landing net handle!

The weather is now picking up well and we should be seeing some excellent sport over the next few weeks. This weekend I'm going to the Division One-playoff games, West Brom versus Bolton. It's going to be tough but I'm hoping and praying we can get through to the final in Cardiff on May 28th. I've also got some good fishing lined up locally over the next few days. I'll let you know how it went next week.