Over the years, my shark traces have evolved into a fifteen foot length of 400 pounds breaking strain monofilament, usually Japanese Momoi because it is the best. A heavy graspable swivel at the reel end and a 400 lb Berkeley Crosslok or 400lb Sampo Coastlok at the other.

The three-foot hook-length is traditionally soft stainless wire with a crimped loop at one end to fit the Coastlok swivel and a 12/0 Mustad Sea Demon hook at the other(because bigger hooks are easier to remove if you are releasing).

A couple of seasons ago I went up to the workshop confident that I had all the makings to manufacture a few new mono lengths and a dozen wire bite lengths to replace the ones that had been used and kinked the previous season. Wrong! I had plenty of crimps, swivels and mono but I was clean out of 275lb 49'er Duratest brown wire. Somewhere in the back of my mind I vaguely remembered that I should have ordered some more!

After cogitating for a bit, I made up the fifteen foot main lengths and half a dozen mono hook lengths thinking to myself "they will never bite through 400 pound mono - will they?"

One small shark later I had to admit to myself that biting through even heavy mono would be an easy job for a real bruiser. Shark teeth are incredible sharp and they slice and dice monofilament easily. Just take a look at the close-up picture to see what a fifty pound Blue Shark did to 400 lb Momoi.

Believe me - a wire bite length is necessary for any of the Oceanic sharks.

If you are in the UK, get the makings from Rok-Max.

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