Shelling crabs, carving a squid or maybe preparing a mackerel flapper are tasks which demand a "hands on approach". Once I even saw an angler who brought a pair of "marigolds" (rubber gloves) with him to use for these jobs. Needless to say the banter was of an incredibly high standard that day!

Fishing with Dave Roberts aboard his superb new boat "Ally Kat" out of Minehead yesterday, I saw two anglers using a "sponge on a string". This is an idea that has been around for a long time but I had not seen it for a while.

What you do is take a large bath sponge and securely fasten a stout piece of cord to it. The cord needs to be tied to a rail or stanchion and long enough so that you can throw the sponge over the side where it become soaked in seawater. After pulling it in and washing your hands with it, simply throw it over the side again to rinse it out. A ridiculously simple idea but one which is highly effective.
When it come time to go home, give the sponge a thorough rinse and pop it into a zip-loc bag so that it does not make everything else in your tackle box/bag wet.

The old one’s are best!!

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