No, I have a full time job as well (often more than full time), which is the main reason why I was so excited to be going fishing this week AND to be getting paid for it!

Well, that's not strictly true, we did have a bit of work to do. The we being yours truly and ace photographer, good mate, and Carp Fishing's 'Angry Young Man' (apparently) Colin Davidson. Our mission was to provide some of the photographs for a new instructional booklet written by Rod Hutchinson and his Dream Team. Getting exactly the right pictures for this type of job is no easy task, and as we required around 200 pictures, it was always going to be a busy couple of days. Obviously, if you are photographing fishing tackle, you have to do it next to a lake, particularly as we had a fish handling and casting section to photograph, so we just HAD to take the rods with us. So off we went to the highly prolific and incredibly impressive Catch 22 fishery in Norfolk for a couple of days in the sunshine, hauling out lovely fit carp and completing our assignment. Yeah right!

I should have guessed that everything wasn't going to go to plan when we cancelled the trip for the first time. That was back in February. As the weeks went by, and with no improvement in the weather, I began to get a little nervous. With the text finished, the layout sorted and the translations underway I got a little worried. Finally, the sun came out for a couple of days and I got excited. Dates were booked and everything was set.

Then the rain started. Doubt began to creep back into a far corner of my mind.

Then the wind started. The little bit of doubt grew into a great big problem staring me in the face.

Then the rain stopped and the hail started. Time to call it all off. Better to wait a week than waste two precious days.

Of course, come D-day the skies lightened and the sun came out for two glorious days of sunshine. Bloody typical! Still, at least the weather had picked up, now we would be OK. Dates were rescheduled for the end of the following week and finally everything was looking rosy. As we pulled into the new car park for the lakes the first cloud appeared on the horizon. Never mind I thought, it had been dry for three days, so no problem. After a quick chat with David, the fishery owner, pointing us in the right direction, we got the gear sorted out and the rods cast out. By the time the cameras were ready to roll the cloud was covering more than fifty percent of the sky. The northerly wind, was also starting to freshen a bit as we tried to nail down packets of hooks, rigs and anything else that fancied taking off down the bank.

As the hours rolled by the weather got worse and worse. Fortunately, during that first day we got an awful lot of work done and by the time the light went at about half six both of us were happy with the days work. That night we had some mega rain. Not the average April showers, but proper stuff! The bream didn't seem to mind though and every few minutes an alarm would sound, just often enough to stop me getting too much sleep.

Friday morning was grey and miserable, the sun was no-where to be seen, but we had to crack on. Again, everything was made ready for the opportunity to get some pictures taken. Every half hour or so we would get one or two chances before the cloud covered the sky again. I gave up trying to count how many rain showers we had during the day, but by late afternoon it was two very wet, muddy and tired anglers who were more than ready to call it a day.

We managed to get most of the work done. I think we will need another day of sunshine to finish off the last few bits and pieces, but all in all, we did OK despite the weather. Oh, and as far as the carp fishing went, well you might have guessed that we didn't have so much as a sniff. So the next time you think that a job in angling is what you really fancy, give me a call, you can have mine!