This is the trigger temperature for the shoals of Bass that have holidayed away for the Winter to move back inshore to haunt the sandbanks, reefs and wrecks.

There are those of us who have devoted a lot of time over the years to catching Bass. Ask me why and I will go misty eyed and give you excuses but probably not the rational reason why the pursuit of this species has featured so highly in my angling career.

The reason, if truth be told, is that this is a fish which can be caught in water just deep enough to cover its back whilst it roots amongst rocks for crab and prawns hiding away amongst the weed; as well as in deep water over some of the West-countries most far-flung and remote reefs, where the Greater Launce, mackerel, small pollack and pouting make up a substantial part of their diet.

Plug fishing, fly fishing, beachcasting from shallow and steep to storm beaches, rock marks and estuaries - at some time on the tide the Bass will be there to check out the larder. Find their routine and what they are there to feed on and you will catch the fish; and hopefully you will put them back, especially the big ones because they are the brood stock. If you must take one to eat, a three or four pounder will make a feast fit for a king. Or put them all back, except for the occasional one which is deep hooked and will not survive.

We in the BASS club are doing everything we can to help and conserve this most wonderful species. They are under unremitting attack from the commercial fishing interests, so anyone who reads this and feels the need to help defend this wonderful angling heritage should join the Bass Anglers Sportfishing Society. We need every bit of help that we can get. Besides, the club members are a great bunch of people who will help you with your fishing and you will enjoy a good time at the social events around the country

BASS needs you !!!

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