There are no secrets in my life any more. When you have seen the elephant, so called secrets become irrelevant in the great scheme of things. So I tell these curious anglers precisely where to go, exactly where to park their car and the lures to use.

Funny how when I go fishing at these "secret" places I never ever see those anglers fishing there. You know I am sure they think that I am blowing smoke when I say that there are plenty of fish at these spots, but then they do not ask the real question 'When' should these secret places be fished? Because knowing 'where' is only half the equation.

We are all creatures of habit, when the lady of the house says that supper will be served at a particular time, it is almost anti-social not to be there But catching fish is not a social occasion, so risking the wrath of the dragon is something you must do if you want to catch fish.

Try getting up at three in the morning and fishing first light at places which later in the day will be packed out with anglers. You might be very surprised at what you might catch. Or fish the dusk and on into the first hour or two of darkness. Even if you don't catch any fish, watching the sun go down is good for the soul.

Catching fish during these anti-social hours is often a solitary occupation so please, be careful if you are fishing in out of the way places.

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