With all this nasty Foot and Mouth disease about, many of the shore venues and the footpaths leading to them are out of bounds so many anglers are taking to the boats for their fishing.

It really doesn't matter whether you are afloat in a dinghy or in a fantastically fast and comfortable charter boat, personal safety and comfort in the form of a modern floatation suit can make all the difference between a thoroughly enjoyable day afloat and one where the early season chill has seeped through to your bones so that, by the time the boat docks, your teeth are chattering and the joy has gone out of the day.

Modern float suits are usually a high visibility red or orange so that, should you find yourself in the water, the lifeboat or SAR helicopter has a good chance of finding you. These suits are designed to keep you afloat and your body temperature high enough to resist the numbing effects of hypothermia.

There are some excellent suits available these days at competitive prices, but expect to pay over a hundred pounds for the top of the line suits; the only question being "What value do you put on your life??"

Besides the safety aspect, these insulated suits can keep you warm and dry in the most horrendous conditions, often making the best of a borderline day. Lord knows we seem to have had more than our fair share of those these past couple of years, so the investment in a good quality float suit is money well spentand don't forget, that very same float suit will keep you warm and dry fishing from a storm tossed beach as well.

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