So, this week, instead of being stuck under a brolly struggling for bites I've put the time to good use by getting my new MAP Matchtek pole ready for action. I'm really pleased with the final production model having worked on the pole for almost a year now. The poles have been in the shops for a couple of weeks now and are selling well and the feedback I've been getting from anglers who have tried it is excellent.

The promotional package, which is available, comprises a sixteen-metre pole with an elbow strike half extension which takes the pole to sixteen and a half metres. Also included are two additional light top three kits which I have elasticated with three, four and six elastics, two medium power top kits which I have elasticated with eight and ten elastic and a super power carp kit which, for now, I have elasticated with number twelve elastic. This kit will also be ideal for elastics up to number fourteen or even a sixteen. The whole package should cost 1699.00 but is available at the special promotional price of 1299.00 whilst stocks of the initial production last.

I used the pre production prototype of the pole quite extensively last summer and had carp up to ten pounds on it. I felt it was important to produce a pole to cover a lot of different disciplines in pole fishing, from roach fishing up to carp. Now I've finished elasticating my production model I can't wait for the weather to pick up again and get bagging with it.

As I write this however it's still teaming down with rain. Looking outside my window the Severn is almost to the top again! If it floods again I reckon a lot of my neighbours will be hanging themselves from Bewdley bridge. I sincerely hope it doesn't because after all the hard work of the last few months they don't deserve to be flooded yet again.

Next week I'll tell you about the new pole floats I have designed. Time to get some rigs done now I reckon!