If you want the pristine places where the fish are relatively undisturbed then you must be prepared to walk for at least half an hour along a coastal path, find a path through gorse and bushes, perhaps do some careful rock scrambling.

Surprisingly even on this crowded and overpopulated island it is still possible to find some space but it does take some effort and some planning.

Essential equipment is a good pair of hiking boots to look after your feet, a rucksack so that your gear is properly balanced and comfortable to carry and if you are prospecting in areas unknown, a 30/40 foot hank of soft rope for lowering your tackle over a precipitous edge or as a safety rope when climbing to a likely looking rock ledge.

Proper climbing rope about 8 or 10 mm diameter is the best, it is not cheap but it will last a lifetime if given reasonable care. Some anglers like to knot the rope every few feet to give added purchase.

Carrying a hank of rope is not done to encourage you to take unnecessary risks, but to minimise the risks which we often take as an every day matter when fishing steep rocky areas.