Add to that the fact that a lot of our waterways have been closed due to the dreadful foot and mouth situation and it's been a frustrating end to the river season.

I've been having some fabulous roach sport on the Severn before the enforced layoff and I'm already looking forward to June when I can get back on the river again. My best match day came on peg 82 on the Kidderminster and District A.A. water competing in one of the Stan Lewis open matches recently. I must admit though there was a stroke of good fortune about how the day came about. The previous day I was booked to do some filming work for a new television programme so the day before that I went to peg 82 for a short practise session and took about twelve pounds of roach in three hours. Next day during filming I amassed around twenty pounds of roach so imagine how I felt when I drew the same peg in the match! I fished a 10 no.4 lignum based stick float together with a 3 gram bolo rig and won the match with 29.3.0 of roach and dace, fantastic fishing!

Another win came in my next match on the Lyttleton waters at Stourport, this time in a real bad downstream wind. I would have fished the stick but had to settle for the waggler because of the wind, but managed to put together 13.11.0 of roach up to 1.12.0 for first place.

Pleasure-fishing-wise I've never caught so many roach from the Severn but didn't manage to get the elusive two pounder I've been after. Still, there's always next season…