Water levels are as high as they could be, insects are starting to hatch, the fish are in and growing used to the lake conditions, and the boats will shortly be brought over from their winter quarters. However, I am looking forward to far more than trout this year.

I have spoken at length with Bob Handford, our new fisheries manager, and have managed to get a deal on taking out anglers wishing to fly fish for our largest predator…pike! Over the winter I have equipped myself with tackle suitable for catching large pike. Last season one of the top trout anglers on Chew actually targeted the pike on several of his boat trips. His results were nothing short of spectacular. Andrew Hedger had fifteen pike over twenty pounds, and one of his guests managed to land a fish of thirty-two pounds – all of these were caught on flies.

So I thought, why stick to just guiding for trout! There have to be many fishermen about who are not content to wait until October when Chew opens to pike anglers using full coarse gear. Plenty of fishermen must also fancy hurling a fly into the shallow margins where those great fish wait to ambush a small fish as it passes by!

I am now equipped to take out anyone who wishes to fly fish for pike. Until the end of June boats are at a premium on the lake (possibly even more so than usual if the foot and mouth problem continues), thus a day afloat for pike fishing will cost £125.00. However, should you have a friend who wishes to try this with you, then the cost will be £140.00. I will reduce the rates when we reach the end of June - £15 off the single rate, and £10 off the double.

I will happily sort out part-day rates, bearing in mind that boats are not allowed out until 10.00am, but they may stay out until one hour after sunset. If you are interested in trying a day for the pike, or for Chew Valley Lake’s famous trout, or a trip back in time on historic Blagdon, then I may well be the man to take you out.

I am in the process of setting up my own website, but in the meantime you can phone me on 01747-843548 or I be can contacted via fishing.co.uk – you never know, you could be the subject of one of our features in the near future.