Most pirks that you buy off the Internet or from the pages of a magazine do not come equipped with a plastic or hair skirt these days, because this is another dextrous manual operation which costs money and detracts from the manufacturers apparent competitiveness when selling in a highly cost conscious marketplace.

Fitting these brightly coloured fish attracting skirts is like a lot of other things in fishing, one of those little details which can make all the difference on the day - but it takes a little organisation, time and effort to make and fit these pirk skirts yourself.

A quick and easy, yet highly effective way to make and fit these pirk skirts is to buy a few packs of 4 inch plastic "muppets" then take a pair of scissors to them.

Snip off the nose section, then split the muppet and wrap it around the shank of the hook, fastening it in place with a short whipping consisting of maybe six to eight wraps of whipping thread.

Do not be tempted to use fine whipping thread because this will cut into the soft plastic of the muppet, just use some old 50lb Dacron or even thin parcel string which is more than adequate, because as soon as the muppet becomes chewed and torn it is a simple matter to cut it away and fit a new one.

If you tip the pirk with a side of mackerel or a strip of squid think about removing the treble hook and fitting a large single hook, O'Shaugnessy's are favourite.

Fasten the muppet skirt to the shank of the hook so that it trails over the front end of the bait. In a generous mood I have been known to fasten two Muppets to the shank of a single hook to give even more movement, sound and colour in the water. It seems work for me, so give it a try - mini skirts have always had a fascination for me!!!

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