Float fishing is a method of sea fishing which has been sorely neglected in recent years because of the pretty boy machismo of owning an expensive beachcaster and mincing up and down the beach with it.

But amongst those whose prime objective is actually catching fish when they go fishing, there is something of a quiet renaissance happening and it is my belief that within a few years, providing we are left some fish to fish for, float fishing will re-establish itself as a top method of catching Bass, pollack etc.

Look at the large number of anglers who now go plug fishing and spinning. They already own a superb rod such as the Diawa Samurai(the best of the plugging rods) which is also a magnificent float fishing rod. When these guy’s and gal’s discover how deadly a floatfished prawn or sandeel is in the quiet hours of first light and last light, then this deadly method will soon find itself back in the mainstream, where no doubt some bright young spark will have a flood of blood to the brain and re-discover it.

If you want to try this cunning method of presenting a bait exactly where the fish expect to find it, don’t be tempted to spend pounds on the super duper pike floats which are very capable but grossly overpriced. Go instead for the cheap and cheerful polystyrene floats with a plastic centre tube which can be bought from most sea-side tackle shops. They do the job very well and don’t break your heart when you lose them.

Rig them with a soft plastic bead on top and a little knot of shirring elastic on your main line to act as a depth stop, so that your bait is fished just over the top of the weed beds where the fish are foraging for prawns and chasing the sandeel’s through the mini canyons between the weed beds.


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