Chub and big roach in particular have been putting a regular bend in the rod and a lot of these fish wouldn't have been captured without the new floats, I am sure.

So what's so good about the new designs? Well, quite simply these designs take over where more traditional peacock, sarcandas reed or plastic floats leave off. They are constructed from very light grade, pole float balsa and as a result they are very buoyant which makes them ideal for fast flowing water. I can honestly say if I'd had these floats in my box during the last fifteen years I would have won a lot more matches (and money!) than I have.

The floats are available in two different diameters with five sizes in each range. The thinner of the floats range from 2AAA capacity up to 6AAA, and the thick floats go from 2SSG up to 6SSG.

Shotting is simple with the bulk of the shot going around the float and either number four or number six shots strung out down the line.

Because the floats are so buoyant you can fish well overdepth without the float being constantly dragged under every time the hookbait catches the bottom. This, in turn, slows the presentation down, which is something I consider to be vital on many days on the river. To be without these floats now would put me at a definite disadvantage thatís how highly I rate them.

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