Peg 84 on the Quarry Park section of the Shrewsbury match length saw me take first place with 12.14.0 of roach and dace on the waggler. I must admit I didn't really fancy the draw when I pulled it out of the bag as there were a lot of good anglers on what I thought were much better pegs than mine.

The river was more or less at winter level and looked good. The biggest problem was a downstream breeze which made seeing the bites difficult at times. In fact it was so bad at one stage in the match that I had to undershot my waggler by a BB just to see it in the ripple and glare created by the sun.

I elected to use a big waggler taking around three swan shot with ten number fours and a number six dropper down the line strung out similar to a stick float shotting pattern. Hook was a size 18 Mustad Wide Gape Power barbless with single and double bronze maggot the hookbait. As the water temperature was low I expected a tough match with few bites. However after the first hour bites started to come regularly and the more loose feed I put in, the more bites I got. By the end I'd fed around three pints of maggots which is a lot more than I expected.

The swim was an interesting one. It was deep, around thirteen feet to be precise, and I found most of my bites came fishing the rig about a foot or so overdepth. With most of the fish in the three to six ounce bracket I had a lot of fish for my total. A really enjoyable match this one. Lets hope the river stays good till March 14th!

Next week I'll tell you more about the new speci wagglers I mentioned last week. In certain swims these floats will help you put a lot more fish in the net than you would using a conventional waggler!!