A UK record fish list is first, this is something that a lot of people have asked for in the past and comes to us courtesty of the British Record (rod caught) Fish Committee. I thought I knew my fish but there are species in there that I have never even heard of!

New too is our Trophy Room. Treat this as a kind of Ďhome pageí for your favourite angling pics, there is also a text area there for you to tell us what the photo is all about. Just follow the directions to up load your images.

Our new Calandar is planned to be an on-going thing and we need your help to make it work. Submit your events and tell everyone whatís happening and when.

Articles: For August we are breaking all of the rules. The sea anglers are getting two articles about the same target fish, the game anglers are being told Ďhow to do ití by a coarse angler and the coarse fisherman are going to lose their excuse about how good the fishing used to be back in Ďthe good old daysí. And thatís just for starters.

Keeping to the formula Iíll deal with the last one first. Dr Paul Garner continues the theme of his article in last months edition of fishing.co.uk. He presents overwhelming evidence that more big coarse fish are now being caught on a regular basis than ever before. Paul donít work on theory, he uses scientific methods to come up with the facts. Fly fishers beware - Uncle Bill Rushmer remembers back to how he and his pals took apart the big trout scene a few years ago. This article will probably give the purists out there a heart attack, so be warned! On the saltwater scene the Blue sharks have arrived off our shores and are giving some tremendous sport. Both Russ Symons and Mike Thrussell describe their two different approaches to the Ďbad boysí of the ocean. Another loopy idea (or is it?) is taking a flyrod to the coast. Martin James suggests that you give saltwater fly fishing a try. Carp anglers always seem to enjoy reading Alan Tomkins articles well, what many of them donít know is that Alan is also an accomplished fly fisher. This month he describes how he took a cracking carp on a fly (!) from one of those very hard waters that he fishes. Would you try it? Back in a saner world, Martin Cottis and Ian Muckle both produce trout from different ends of the country and Neville Fickling poses the question of how big do pike really grow to? Some interesting records there, check it out. All this plus Graham Marsden, Dave Harrell, Rob Hughes and much, much more is all in the August edition of our great on-line magazine. Itís fine, itís free and itís here at www.fishing.co.uk.

Geoff Maynard