Fish like bass, mackerel, mullet, pollack and even wrasse can all be caught high in the water column, often within a foot or two of the surface, especially early and late in the day, when the suns rays are slanting low causing the confusion of colour, light, shadow and movement which the predatory fish use to conceal and camouflage their secretive movements.

This is the time when float-fished fish strip, sandeel, prawn, worm or even crab, will succeed in tempting those transient fish that hunt in these shadow danced shallows, taking advantage of these brief moments of relative safety to chase and harry the smaller creatures on which they feed.
Those anglers who have tuned in to this entirely natural cycle will be up and about before sunrise with their long spinning rods or well used carp rods. Perhaps wearing a multi pocketed waistcoat or carrying a small tackle bag containing a few spinners, perhaps a plug or two and most certainly a few floats. These secretive anglers will be long gone with their fish by the time the "bank hours" anglers are about.

Make it a new season resolution to be fishing at daybreak at least a few times through the year….you might never know what you are missing unless you try it!!