How else could we regard a government, (of whatever political persuasion) which ignores the existence of a 5 billion pound industry(government figures, not mine). An industry two or three times the size of the professional football game, generating income many times that of the commercial fishing industry - and yet refuses to accord that industry a hearing when it comes to allocating fishing quotas. It ignores the plight of breeding Bass in the channel because they are a fish outside of the quota system, superciliously ignoring the fact that this species of fish generates huge income in the leisure industry.

Is it any wonder that many of us who have lived the sport of sea angling over many years are deeply mistrustful of organisations such as the NFSA who have purported to represent our interests over generations of anglers and who have stuck their collective heads in the sand wasting years organising silly little medal competitions and suchlike.

Last year I heard the good news that Mike North was to be the head honcho of the NFSA and that he was going to try and enact the principle of "individual membership", in words of one syllable, he was going to try and get each one of us to pay a £10 individual membership fee to help fund the NFSA so that it would have enough cash to properly fight our corner on the corridors of power both in Westminster and Brussels.

Several years a go I signed up as an Individual Member of the NFSA because I am a firm believer in the Australianism, "You have got to be innit to winnit !!"

I also believe this is a once only opportunity for the NFSA to assume its rightful place in the grand scheme of things, to represent our interests and fight our corner. It is going to need some help from every one of us who is a Sea Angler first and a model citizen second. It would be easy to come up with some inane strap line about joining the NFSA… but I am rapidly approaching "old fart" status, some louts reckon I am already a paid up member.

I have fumed during the wasted years and am totally convinced that individual membership is the only way forward - think about it and if your personal conclusions are the same as mine, join the NFSA for the long haul; £10 is not a lot to pay and, say what you like, the NFSA is the only game in town.