Drift your boat into a feeding shoal of fish and it isn't long before rod tips are nodding with hungry fish stripping hooks of their bait. Often these fish seem to have a charmed life as anglers continually strike to gain a hookhold, but it seems that the strike is against fresh air, only rarely hooking the bait-robbing fish.

Changing hook size can sometimes effect an improvement as fish are tempted to take a bait with a less conspicuous hook. In the last year or two I have been experimenting with "circle hooks" and have found that these peculiar shaped hooks will often catch more fish than the conventional "J" hooks, especially with these bait robbing fish. But that is something you will have to try for yourself to find out if it will work as well for you as it does for me.

Another good tactic is to add another snood by simply adding a French Boom, multiplying by two your chances of hooking up. If you are really into fish, it is not unusual with the gang that I fish with to see two or even three French Booms added to the main line to increase the likelihood of taking home some prime fish fillets.

French Booms are made from wire and cost just a couple of pounds for ten from the likes of Veals Mail Order. They take just seconds to twist on and off your mainline and it is not unusual to have several baited and ready so that freshly baited hooks are on their way back to the seabed with seconds of reeling in.